24 April

Microsoft, 11 Times Square
640 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

HackFest 2020

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Why Is HackFest A Must-Attend?

Hackfest is a 48-hour immersive hackathon where entrepreneurs, developers and designers collaborate to solve real-world problems using a variety of tech stacks and business tools. Hackfest is designed for young professional, undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in innovating across industry sectors and learning new skills.


Hackers will learn and build on a variety of emerging APIs, platforms and software tools.


Hackers will utilize various technology stacks and frameworks to solve real-world problems.


Hackers will have an unforgettable experience while innovating across all industry sectors.

Hiring Mixer

Open only to HackFest participants. Have your resume ready by the time event begins!

Companies in Attendance



Microsoft 11 Times Square
640 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10036


April 25th, TDB

HackFest 2020 Schedule

***= All Times Are Tentative.

Participants check-in in the lobby and head to the 6th floor to enjoy dinner and network with fellow hackers. Check-in is required for all hackers.

Location: TDB 11 Times Square

Welcome Remarks, Code of Conduct and Event Rundown. This event is requried for all hackers.

Location: TBD 11 Times Square

Hackers will participate in a design thinking and ideation workshop followed by fast 30 seconds pitches and team formation activities. This event is requried for all hackers.

Location: TBD 11 Times Square

  • Intro to HTML + CSS + JavaScript with Genesis Bonds
  • Making a React Native App with TBD
  • Intro to Python with TBD
  • Intro to Azure with TBD

Location: TBD 11 Times Square

  • How to Succed with a Startup & Building a Product with Kwadwo Nyarko
  • Coding Challenge Workshop with Genesis Bonds
  • Finding Product-Market Fit with Brandon Hill
  • Intro to UI/UX with TBD

Location: 5th Floor 11 Times Square

All hackers take 5-10 minutes to fill out the end of day survey and reflect on their experiences on this day.

Location: 5th Floor 11 Times Square

Past HackFest Judges

HackFest Judge

Maria-Lisa Farmakidis

Standard Chartered Bank

Executive Director

HackFest Judge

Mike Koscinski

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Investment Analyst

HackFest Judge

Sandra Appiah

Face2Face Africa

Chief Executive Officer

HackFest Judge

Abiola Oke


Chief Executive Officer

HackFest Judge

Tade Oyerinde


Chief Executive Officer

HackFest Judge

Sascha Eder


Chief Operating Officer

HackFest Judge

Jesse Goodall

StrongArm Tech

Head of Engineering

HackFest Challenges


Data & Privacy

In today’s world, there is plenty of data coming from diverse sources. This data is an extremely valuable asset. In the wake of recent privacy breaches and violations, consumers have woken up to how their data is used and by whom it is being used.



Global warming has a lasting impact on the environment, yet many people still disagree it exists. Renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and nuclear are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. What’s even more exciting: cutting edge technologies are igniting novel ways to build more sustainable homes, cities, and societies.



Amazon is putting malls and big box stores out of business. Rather than fighting a losing battle with Amazon, brands need to rethink how to use retail space in ways that play to their strengths. What new marketplaces can be penetrated? How might we serve the bottom billion, where the new middle class is rising across the world?



With companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Tesla, transportation is slowly changing. What other software solutions can be created to take transportation to the next level in the areas of safety, efficiency, and experience? This can include public transportation.



Healthcare in the United States is badly broken. We are getting close to spending 20% of our GDP on healthcare; this is unsustainable. Think about: Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Preventative Healthcare and beyond.


One Million Jobs

There are a lot of areas where it makes sense to divide labor between humans and computers – we are very good at some things computers are terrible at and vice versa – and some of these require huge amounts of human resources. As existing jobs go away, a company that creates a lot of new jobs should be able to get a lot of talented people.



This category is for any ideas you may have that do not fit in the above 6 categories. All ideas are welcome!




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  • +plus
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  • 1 Year of Unlimited, Just-In-Time Coaching

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What HackFest Participants Say

Here's just a handful of the amazing things previous hackers had to say:

There were a lot of guest speakers and judges who gave advice.[HackFest] was a fantastic, fast-paced, 48 hour event that prepares you for pitching your software product to an audience (especially people in business) in real life.

J. Amis, HackFest Hacker

It's different from normal hackathons.[HackFest] was a startup focused hackathon, unlike many of the other hackathons I attended this year. Focus was on business as well and not only technology, something that is lacking in the hackathon space.

Alex, HackFest Hacker

Please go! You will learn a whole lot![HackFest] was very helpful and relevant! I understand what the market is looking for and what I need to study more on. The whole weekend I was busy learning, this is great!

X. Chen, HackFest Hacker


HackFest 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Hackfest 2020 will be an overnight hackathon, so the “hack-space” will be available overnight. However, please keep in mind that the building regulations do not allow occupants to sleep in the building, so please plan accordingly.
It is highly recommended that you attend all three days of HackFest. Moreover, please plan to attend the events on Friday evening as team formation will be formed. Please see “Do I need to bring a team?” section.
Yes, you will need a pass to reenter. Please make sure to see an Enza staff member before leaving the building.
Unfortunately, travel reimbursement is not available.
Any young professionals, recent graduates or college students are welcome to register for and attend HackFest. To ensure that you have a spot, please register on Eventbrite as soon as possible. Tickets to this event are very limited.
No experience is required to participate in HackFest. We only ask that you come with an open mind and show enthusiasm to work and create with others.
  • You are not required to bring a team, but it is highly encouraged that you bring an idea to work on.
  • HackFest has a unique team formation system. On Friday evening, every participant is given the opportunity to pitch an idea ( 30 second pitches). These ideas will be displayed around the room. Participants will then go around and vote for their favorite ideas. Depending on the number of participants presents, the HackFest team will decide the number of teams that will be formed and the ideas with the most votes will be selected to compete in the hackathon. After this, participants will have a chance to go towards their favorite ideas and form teams.
  • This unique approach to team formation means that it is crucial for participants to attend Friday evening’s events.
  • If any participants would like to compete with an idea that did not receive sufficient votes, we will consider each request on a case by case basis.
Yes! There will be free breakfast, lunch, dinner and plenty of snacks.


Additional questions/comments? Reach out to us here!
For faster response, send an email to [email protected] or call 914 487 4223.